Guaranteed Workmanship

If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well. After more than 20 years building our reputation for quality, that philosophy still guides us at Jameswood Homes Inc. Knowing things are done right is why we offer our two-year comprehensive warranty on all workmanship, and we go above and beyond that to ensure our clients dream homes remain their dream homes.


Professional Credentials

Industry Memberships

Jameswood belongs to numerous organizations that share our commitment to a fair and competitive market, consumer safeguards, and the highest possible standards of professionalism and quality in the home building and renovation industries.


Transparent Communication

Jameswood’s Process

Our mission is client satisfaction. Our goal is to have our clients know just as much as we know throughout the project to maximize their peace of mind. Any questions regarding project progress and budget are addressed immediately. 


No-Surprise Pricing

We Only Provide a Quote we Believe in.

There can be a lot of unforeseen issues or potential problems that can appear throughout a home renovation or custom home project. This is true no matter which contractor you choose. However, Jameswood’s many years of experience means that we can more effectively anticipate these issues and minimize their disruption to a project. We do not estimate our projects to provide the lowest number; we estimate to provide the most realistic assessment of the costs expected based on past projects, material costs, and extensive experience.

As far as we are concerned, this is the only way project estimation should be done.