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“Jameswood did a great job of our original major house renovation. We had no hassles and were on budget and on time. We were very happy with the staff and the results. That was about 8 years ago. 3 years later we decided to finish some of the basement that we had not renovated. No problems. On time and on budget. That is pretty good. This year we decided to switch our dining room and living room around requiring some cosmetic changes and re paint some of kitchen cupboards that had worn. This was a very small job but important to us. We asked Jameswood to help and they fit it in with no problems. I think it is fantastic that we can always call for some help even after all major renovations were done. No problems recommending them.”
-Grant B., Client

“My husband and I hired Jameswood Homes last year to build a home on our acreage. As anyone who has built a home knows, this is a long process and can be very stressful at times. I am happy to say Jameswood Homes was a pleasure to work with. They are dependable people who really do care about making the customer happy. In fact, we actually looked at them more like “friends” than just dealing with a business. Our home is really beautiful inside and out. The quality of workmanship was excellent and we are both extremely happy with the final project! I would highly recommend Jameswood Homes for any project you may have large or small. They take pride in their work and care about the people they are working for, what more could you ask?”
-Valerie & Jason Riep Clients

“Jameswood Homes is very nice to deal with from a trade supplier standpoint. They are friendly, efficient and work on some amazing projects. Their homeowners finish very pleased. Value for the dollar bar none.”
-Elaine, Colleague

“We used Jameswood for our first big renovation in 2000. We did not hesitate to hire them again when we were ready to do our next project. We put an addition on to the back of our house. It gave us a new master bedroom with an ensuite and a laundry room in the basement. Not to forget our new back door and porch. The Jameswood staff were always professional. They kept on budget. They found the people to take care of special features we requested. We would not hesitate to hire them again.”
-Ann, Client

“I had a basement reconstruction that was completed by Jameswood Homes in Calgary. Don James, and his colleagues working with him were knowledgeable, flexible and understanding when difficulties arose. I say reconstruction because there were many structural problems identified including the need to reinforce the support beams and replace the external basement walls due to holes. This took me significantly over budget but I am now secure in the knowledge that my home is structurally sound and the likelihood of problems in the near future has been all but eliminated. Everyone at Jameswood is professional in their behaviour, open, friendly and they attempted to explain clearly each step or this very interesting journey. Their work is at the top of the class, and my resulting basement living space is beautiful. I would recommend that anyone seeking a renovation company seriously consider Jameswood Homes.”
-Arlene Devrome, Client

“8 Years ago, major renovation on existing 40 year old house. Quality of work was excellent. More important, on budget and on time. Doesn't get better than that. I felt they were very realistic up front on what we could and could not do and how it would affect costs. This upfront work, even before the work started, contributed to the over all success of project. I felt other contractors pulled their estimates out of thin air. A few years later we finished rest of basement off, again with no issues. This year they came back and touched up a few areas that had normal wear and tear and the place looked new again -- small job but they fit it in. Overall we are very pleased and would recommend them.”
-N.B., Client

“Jameswood Homes has completed two major renovation projects for us: building a woodworking shop onto our house and doing a complete gut and rebuild of the basement. The workmanship was exceptional in both cases. What's more, since they finished the work they have willingly provided us with advice and recommendations whenever we have asked them. When we had a water leak, which had nothing to do with Jameswood's work, I emailed and even though the owner of the company was on holiday he arranged for someone to come out, survey the damage and suggest a plumber who could remedy the situation. The paperwork from Jameswood was always easy to understand and complete. Any changes we requested were documented via change orders and the cost of the changes was made clear to us, Jameswood employees understood what we wanted and made suggestions as to how changes could make the renovation more functional for us. For example, the framer suggested we realign a doorway so it would be easier to move appliances when they eventually needed to be replaced. On the latest renovation we worked with Jameswood through an online program, which was very effective and kept everyone in the loop. We went over budget on both projects but we did it with our eyes open and we understood exactly where the extra costs came from, The only downside of working with Jameswood was that they are often busy with a number of jobs and, because of the need to juggle scheduling, the work on both of our jobs took substantially longer than anticipated. If you are looking for the least expensive way to get a job done you will find companies who work more cheaply. If you want a company that does excellent work and stands behind its work you won't go wrong with Jameswood.”
-M. & R. Hood, Clients

“I had a good time working with the Jameswood team. Aside from delivering quality home services, the team were very accommodating. They were on time and extremely courteous. No complaints here - I would highly recommend their services. Jameswood was very easy to work with and gave us a great deal to help us get it done!”
-Leo K., Client

“We needed a bathroom reno done in our 1912 house, and so we asked Jameswood if they would come round and give us a quote. Why Jameswood? They had worked on our house twice before on different projects over the last 15 years, as well as building the house next door and rebuilding another house on the next street. So we have had plenty of opportunity to observe their work over a period of time, noting a consistency of quality and attention to detail that has not been so forthcoming with other builders. Not only that, but the human element involved is always a pleasant experience. We’ve never met a nicer, more polite group of tradespeople. Considerate, helpful and constantly professional. It’s very easy for us to recommend Jameswood to anyone else. They’re a dedicated caring firm of knowledgeable individuals.”
-Barb & John Tipton, Clients

“We hired Jameswood to manage our major renovation last year which was essentially the entire house excluding the bathrooms. The renovation was quite extensive and involved a wall tear down, so we were reluctant to manage it ourselves. After the first meeting with Brad and Don, we knew we made the right choice as their professionalism and extensive experience was readily evident, giving us the confidence that the job would be done right. First of all we were very impressed with their choice of designer, they were very helpful with providing the right features in our home that will work best with our family and lifestyle. We loved the new open concept design and they spent a tremendous amount of effort and thought on our kitchen, which is where our family spend the most time in. Secondly, the construction manager assigned to our job, Jorme Barnsley, was a joy to work with. His attention to detail and his passion to complete the job right the first time is impressive. He oversaw the contractor’s work and made sure that the level of quality is up to the high standard that Jameswood is known for. Jorme and his apprentice Jason also did a lot of the demolition, framing and finishing work which was impeccable but also they made sure that at the end of each work day the house was tidied up. At the beginning of this job we were reluctant in hiring a renovation company because of the additional cost but we were happily surprised that Jameswood was worth every penny. First of all we got top notch contractors to work on our job – from the designer, to the flooring, plumbing, electrical, cabinet maker, painters, kitchen counters and drywallers – contractors that would have been tough for us to find and book at short notice. Jameswood also made sure that contractors were held accountable for any deficiencies that were found at the end of the job. The deficiencies were immediately resolved, which from experience always take a while or never happens if we dealt with the contractor directly. Having a reputable renovation company working for us saved a lot of headaches, countless hours of scheduling and calling around as well as stress dealing with numerous contractors. Moreover, our project was completed in 3 and half months, a week ahead of schedule which was important to us as we were living in our fifth wheel and needed to be in the house before it went below zero. We had to reduce scope to stay within our budget, Jameswood was flexible in redoing estimates and scheduling to meet our needs. The final cost of the job was under our revised estimate as Brad and Jorme made sure we were aware of any scope creep so that we can make informed decisions throughout the job. Thank you Brad, Jorme, Jason and Don, we appreciate all the hard work and commitment to the success of our renovation.”
-Wade & Julliane Twa, Clients

“I will disclaim that I have a professional relationship with Jameswood and have worked with them for years. I recently was fortunate enough to have them work on a project for my home. Don and his team did a great job building something unique for my family that they had never done before. Theirs skill on the tools and passion for creation really shown through on the finished product. I would recommend Jameswood Homes to anyone looking for high quality, professional work done on their homes.”
-Jim McFadyen, Client and Colleague

“Not only does Jameswood deliver an excellent finished product, working with them made us comfortable and confident in how the construction process unfolded. Their expertise really shows both in the management of the project itself as well as in delivering a personal touch that made us feel that we always knew the project was being handled properly.”
-Dave Both, Client

“I had the pleasure of working with the guys at Jameswood from 2008 to 2009 when we hired them to help construct Team Alberta's 2009 entry into the Solar Decathlon Competition. As project manager, I was grappling with a very tight timeline and a high level of complexity, with limited resources of varying skill levels. Jameswood came in as our key partner to construct a ground-breaking 100% solar powered, energy efficient home, that had to be built such that it could be shipped from Calgary to Washington, DC and assembled in 1 week for an elite international competition. Don James and his team at Jameswood have such keen attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and the skills of true masters of their craft. They were able to deliver a home on time and within their budget that was internationally recognized for its performance and beauty. The team was always professional, courteous and fun, but also serious about safety and worksite tidiness. I have had the opportunity to see many of the other additions, renovations, new builds and exterior improvements that Jameswood has built and I'm consistently floored by the degree of workmanship, creativity, and durability in the final product. Its clear they are passionate about their work and their customers. When it comes time for me to build my next house, they will be the first ones I call.”
-Matt Beck, Client

“As a Real Estate Photographer I photograph hundreds of renovations and luxury custom homes every year - some great and some that don't deserve any mention what so ever. I've had the pleasure of shooting three places for Jameswood Homes and without question the homes were spectacular - but what really impressed me was what the home owners had to say about them. They love their custom homes and they can't stop talking about the homes, the process that they had with Jameswood Homes and how incredibly proud they are of their custom homes that they built with Jameswood Homes. I have referred Jameswood Homes several times because I believe that they know what they are doing, but more important - they care about who they are doing it for. From all of us at CalgaryPhotos.CA - thank you Jameswood Homes for letting us shoot such spectacular places and introducing us to some great custom home owners.”
-calgaryphotos.ca, Colleague

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