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No-Surprise Pricing

Accurate Quotes Right From The Start

Most people know there are a lot of unforeseen issues or potential problems that can appear throughout a home renovation project. This is true no matter which contractor you choose. However, Jameswood’s many years of experience means we can more effectively anticipate these things and minimize their disruption to a project. We try to account for these potential issues in our initial quote as much as possible, such that the chances of hidden surprises causing cost or timeline overruns is very low.

Budget Commitment

We endeavour to come in UNDER our estimated price 95% of the time – that’s our goal. This is why we make sure our estimators are extremely well-versed in providing accurate quotes. Because we strive to ensure there’s no surprise costs down the line, Jameswood almost never has the lowest quoted price when compared to other local contractor estimates. We know that not addressing every possible item and not being comprehensive enough means an estimator is missing things or is just trying to offer the lowest bid in order to get the job. We refuse to do this as we know it’s more important to make sure customers are happy at the end of a project, not just the beginning.

Clear Communication

Our efforts to provide extremely accurate quotes, combined with a clear commitment to transparency, means we can effectively educate clients right from the beginning of a project. Jameswood clients know exactly what’s going on throughout their home renovation or build and can rest assured there will be minimal surprises through the life of the project.

Guaranteed Workmanship

In the unlikely event that issues arise after a Jameswood renovation or build project is complete, our industry-leading two-year comprehensive workmanship warranty, combined with our manufacturer warranties on materials and fixtures will ensure you still do not have to incur any additional costs. For full details on all of our warranties and insurance, please see our Warranty page.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Jameswood strives to achieve absolute and complete customer satisfaction on every project we do, because we know referrals from happy clients are what drive our business. We will do whatever it takes to make sure it’s perfect.

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