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Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

A bathroom renovation in your home can add character and value. Along with kitchens, bathroom renovations offer very high rates of return on your investment. Basic bathrooms also offer function; however when done right, they can become a place of relaxation and retreat to enjoy time to yourself. When you embark on a bathroom renovation or remodelling project with us, we take pleasure in helping you to create your own personal home spa.

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What is Involved in Bathroom Renovations?

A bathroom renovation generally begins with a need, stemming from design, function or other problems. Once any potential issues are cleared up, the design process begins. Since bathrooms are generally small spaces, design becomes even more important to ensure the best use of the space. Selections and price ranges are determined based on homeowner preferences for custom cabinetry, countertop materials, flooring materials and plumbing fixtures like toilets, faucets, sinks, showers, tubs and more.

Important Notes About Bathroom Remodelling

Homeowners endeavouring a bathroom renovation project should note that plumbing fixtures MUST be provided by the contractor team, because plumbers will not warranty their work with owner-purchased fixtures. Our company discount and mark-up generally provides about the same pricing as an owner would find, but also includes a full warranty. Renovation timelines are provided as a part of the estimation process and will vary by project.

Trends in Calgary Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are very popular in Calgary because they allow for personalization of the home, updating fixtures for better function, reliability and aesthetics, and creating a spa-like atmosphere to escape the daily grind. If you are considering a bathroom renovation in Calgary, contact the highly experienced design, renovation, and project management team at Jameswood Homes to get started.

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